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    Since our beginning in 2003, Texas Triple Scented Candle Co has put it's heart and soul into building a solid reputation for handmade high quality luxury triple scented candles and all natural palm wax candles.  Our home candle scents are second to none due to the sincere care we put into every handmade candle we make. With our care and solid commitment to detail and quality you will enjoy your aroma-licious Texas Triple Scented Candle with every light. Each candle is custom made, hand-crafted and specially made just for you. From the very bottom to the top each Texas Triple Scented candle is soaked in the highest quality fragrance oils formulated to work hand and hand with our all natural palm wax offering you the richest most luxurious true triple scented candles for your home. Our candles are known & loved for their excellent cold & super strong hot scent throw, the aromas almost immediately fill a room with aroma-licious fragrances. We take great pride in our commitment and continued effort to always be creating the best and the strongest scented,  most luxurious candles for you.

    Meet Teri ~ Candle Creator & Candle Artisan ~ Founder of Texas Triple Scent Candle Co.

     Creator and Founder of Texas Triple Scented Candles (5829 bytes)One of our Candle Makers hand pouring a super scented jar candle by (4399 bytes)Founder of Texas Triple Scented Candles taking candle customer calls. (5536 bytes)

    When Teri isn't pouring or creating candles there's a good chance you can catch her taking calls from our candle customers.
    Founder of Texas Triple Scented Candles, Teri has been married 25 years with 2 sons, 1 granddaughter. Teri's husband and sister are her best friends, her children are her cherished gifts from god. She began making handmade candles after her family pulled together to surprise her one birthday with everything she would need to start making candles. She started making candles for her home and office then made candles for family and friends as gifts, soon it just took off naturally into a successful custom candle manufacturing company offering custom made candles that are the strongest scented, most super scented candles you will love to burn.

    This is a personal interview conducted by The WAHM Spotlight with Teri our founder and candle creator.

    Friday, July 25, 2008

     WAHM interview of our founder - Texas Triple Scented Candles and Custom Candle Makers - highly scented custom made to order candles, the strongest scented most super scented candles you will love to burn! (12159 bytes)

    Spot-light on: Texas Triple Scented Candles


    When this mom started making candles at home and giving them away as gifts, who knew that it was the start of a glowing business!

    Meet the Mom Behind Texas Triple Scented Candles!
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    Who is Texas Triple Scented Candles? Where are you located?
    Texas Triple Scented Candles is a company that prides itself on making the highest quality and strongest scented candles you will ever burn! Our candles are homemade, hand poured, hand mixed and custom made to order.

    We are located in Porter, Texas just 15 minutes from Houston and on the web

    How did you come up with your business name?
    Being born and raised in Texas and that fact that I knew I only wanted to offer the strongest scented candles and knowing that my candles truly have 3 to 4 times the amount of fragrance compared to most candles in today’s market that triple scented candles just had to be in the name so Texas Triple Scented Candles just came to mind and it stuck.

    TTSC_txglass.jpg (6314 bytes)
    When and why did you decide to start your own business?
    I previously owned Teri’s Treasures a unique gift and candle shop in Porter, Texas . My candles were sold as Teri’s Triple Scented Candles at the time and they were the store's bestsellers. After closing the store I offered my candles to friends and family for gifts not realizing it was the start to a new business. My family would tell me Teri you really need to find a way to sell your candle again they are the best candles. I took their advice and started our (business) in baby steps in my local area and have since continued the growth including offering our online candle store candles

    How did you get started?
    The way I got started making candles was from the support of my family. On one of my birthdays my family (husband, kids, sister, in laws) worked together and invested in just about everything I would need to start making my own candles. They knew I had always wanted to make and create candles. I started out making candles for my home, friends and family as gifts, and upon request only after tons of trial and error, I developed the strongest scented candles you will ever burn now known as Texas Triple Scented Candles.
    ALMOND CAKE scented candles - variety of styles
    What motivates you to keep your business going?
    I love creating candles and meeting people. We offer custom made candles so we are always making something new and exciting, no 2 candles are identical because each candle is homemade & hand poured with care.

    Do you have a particular product that's unique that you are promoting on your site?
    We offer many unique candle products including our Exclusive Texas Shaped Triple Scented Candle with 5 wicks. We designed the candle in red, white and blue, scented it to the max and turned it into our logo as well.

    Car Fresheners, Air Fresheners in the shape and colors of Texas handmade craft by Texas Triple Scented Candles, highly scented custom made candles. (19509 bytes)

    How do you advertise your business? Which methods proved successful/effective?
    I talk with folks locally on our local chat sites and meet people at trade shows, craft shows and candle shows. We have found the most effective method is when we have the opportunity to meet our customers in person, serve and befriend them. Many of our candle customers have also become our good friends.

    How do you juggle family and work at home?
    It is always a struggle some days are better than others but always a struggle. I have always believed something worth having is something you have to work hard for. I can’t think of anything more important than my family and then my goals of making our Texas Triple Scented Candles a household name.

    What advice would you give to moms seeking to become a WAHM?
    Never give up, don’t let the doubts of others cloud your dreams and never give up.

    Amazing and adorable strong scented wax dipped jungle animals by (super strong scent throw without the flame), the strongest scented candles, most super scented candles you will love to burn (10377 bytes)

    Current promotions and specials at Texas Triple Scented Candles:
    We have several specials going on right now for example our Jungle Animals Scented Wax Dipped Air Fresheners are only $7.25 each. We offer lions, tigers, monkeys, elephants all adorable and great in many ways: child’s room, play room, locker, closet, bathroom and great for baby shower gifts! The fragrance from our super scented wax dipped jungle animals will more than fill the room it will likely fill the entire house. Our scented wax dipped animals including bears last 6 months and often up to a year or more. When you want to make the scent stronger just slightly run a blow dryer over it without melting the wax and you will smell an instant increase in the strength of the scent.

    Anything else you'd like to add about Texas Triple Scented Candles or about being a WAHM in general?
    I went beyond making candles as gifts for friends and family because of their support and because I was tired of checking out the competitions candles at such high prices for such faint scented candles I wanted to offer and let folks know there is a such thing as real triple scented candles and I am thrilled to know that so many love and admire our true and original Texas Triple Scented Candles.

    Visit Texas Triple Scent Candle Co. online at:



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    NOTE: You will find that some of our candle fragrances were designed to imitate the fragrances found in a variety of candle products sold by other candle companies. Although very similar to the original name-brand versions, our scents are not identical. is not affiliated in any way with Yankee Candle Company, Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret, Pier 1 Imports, or any other company. While we encourage you to compare our strong scented candles, we do not sell our competitors candle brands, we also have never sold, any merchandise produced by these companies, and our candle products are not licensed, sponsored, or endorsed by these companies. All service marks and trademarked names remain the exclusive property of their respective owners. Our service marks & trade marks remain our exclusive property.

    Triple Scented candles, Custom made to order candles you choose your favorite fragrance & color. Highly scented candles hand poured in Texas the strongest scented, most super scented candles in 1000 candle scents! Votives, Pillars, Tarts, bakery candles, scented jar candles, wedding candles, aroma beads & more

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